Why should I use ContractProbe ?

Because it will save you time, or money, or both. ContractProbe will cut down substantially the length of time you have to spend on reviewing a contract.

ContractProbe will also make your work easier. No-one likes proofreading documents for the types of errors that ContractProbe picks up. ContractProbe takes that weight off your shoulders and allows you to decide simply whether you’re concerned about a particular problem or not.

Finally, ContractProbe reduces the risks of missing important clauses in contracts.

Who are we ?

Our team includes lawyers qualified in the USA, Australia and England and computer programmers in a number of other countries. The Neural Contract Company was founded by Michael Pattison. Michael has been listed as being in the top tier of Australia’s information technology lawyers in the independent guide Chambers each year from 2003 to 2016. He also has a Masters of Applied Science (Comp Sc) and his thesis involved an application of artificial intelligence to law. Michael has recently left private practice in order to concentrate on technology innovations for the legal industry.

How long will it take to receive my Report ?

Less than a minute.

Can you trust us with your Information ?

Fair question! You don’t know us so why should you trust us with your draft contracts, possibly containing important deal information?

Having been founded by a lawyer with over 31 years’ practice in keeping clients’ secrets, we can say that keeping secrets is something that we are good at. See our Security statement for more details but, in a nutshell, by the time ContractProbe sends you its report, all deal information will have been permanently deleted on our side. So there’s simply no opportunity for any of our staff to snoop, even if they wanted to.

What types of Problems does ContractProbe Detect ?

Some of the problems ContractProbe reports on are:

  • Clauses that are unusual, by reference to our database of similar agreements.
  • Clauses that are missing, again by reference to our database of similar agreements. For these we will provide you with an example of the type of clause that other people have used in similar agreements. You might be able to use that clause as a base for something to include in your agreement.
  • Defined terms that are not in fact defined.
  • Defined terms that are not used.
  • Cross-reference errors.

Of course, we are not aware of the parties' commercial objectives in entering into a particular agreement. Nor are we aware of their personal circumstances. So it may be that things that seem wrong to us are in fact ok. Equally, since we don’t know these things we can’t guarantee that the draft agreement is in fact fit for purpose. All ContractProbe can do is to give you information about the draft agreement which you can then use to help in finalising the agreement.

What type of agreement does ContractProbe review ?

All types! However, ContractProbe provides a more in depth review of the following types of agreement - Non Disclosure Agreements, Intellectual Property licences, Independent Contractor Agreements and Employment Agreements. Our pricing takes into account the different levels of review that we provide for different types of agreement.

Will we expand the types of agreement we review ?

Absolutely! Please let us know if there is a particular type of agreement that you come across regularly and would like to have ContractProbe to review. If there’s sufficient demand, we will definitely add that agreement type to the types of agreement that receive the more detailed review.

Do we provide legal advice ?

No. As we aren’t aware of the parties' objectives or circumstances, we are not providing legal advice.

What does the score mean ?

The score is calculated using a number of factors, including the extent to which the contract includes clauses that seem unusual to us in this type of agreement and the number of problems that we have detected.

Does a score of 10/10 mean an agreement is fine for me to sign ?

Unfortunately not. As we said above, we aren’t aware of the parties' objectives or circumstances and so can’t guarantee that even a draft agreement that seems perfect to us is in fact fit for their purposes.

What file types does ContractProbe Accept ?

At present ContractProbe is only accepting files in docx, doc or txt format. If you have an agreement in a different format, then save it down to txt and upload it.

Some of ContractProbe’s functions will not work well if a document has particularly complicated formatting, including paragraph numbering. This applies particularly to the checks for incorrect clause cross-references and to ContractProbe’s reporting of where problems have been found. Other functions will still work, though.

My contract type is not listed. What sort of review will I get?

You can still get a report by selecting "Other". However, the review will be more limited and will only cover the following:

Clauses that are missing and which appear in nearly all types of agreements, such as a clause specifying which law governs the contract. Defined terms that are not in fact defined. Defined terms that are not used. Cross-reference errors.